Opinion Line Extra (April 29)

04/26/2013 7:49 PM

04/26/2013 7:49 PM

After more than four years of studies and delays, it’s time for President Obama to stop blocking construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. America needs the energy. Also, we could use the thousands of new jobs that would be made available. Too many excuses. We need it now.

Everyone knows 80 percent of the Keystone XL oil is going to foreign buyers, right? Why are we letting a Canadian company seize American land for so little upside and so much potential downside?

Liberalism is terrorism in its early stage.

April 17 was a huge victory for honest citizens in this country who wish to exercise their rights under the Second Amendment to own firearms. The United States government has no right to require honest citizens to perform more personal scrutiny to own or purchase a gun.

Thank God the Senate had the sense to ignore all the failed gun-control nonsense.

Because of the gutless cowards who call themselves U.S. senators, 28 people per day will continue to die in the U.S. in gun-related violence – all sacrificed at the altar of the NRA and its gun lobby allies.

There’s no way Republicans will vote for any kind of legislation that would reduce gun sales.

To the sarcastic remarks made by insensitive people calling for banning pressure cookers: How many more people would have been killed had the bombers used a couple of your precious and sacred assault weapons with high-capacity magazines? I keep wondering what God really thinks about this country and the violence and blood we worship in these times.

After the lockdown in Boston, with residents being told to hide in their homes and lock the doors from crazy murderers, we should thank God for our Second Amendment rights. If you give them up, the government won’t give them back.

When will Obama just say the words “Muslim terrorists”? The accused Fort Hood killer is a Muslim, and the two boys who allegedly bombed the Boston Marathon were the same. When is Obama going to admit the people he thinks love us are killing us off one by one?

When President Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur, I thought he was the worst president back in the 1950s. In our present time, it is our president who is in the White House now.

What’s with this new tax they are adding on my cash slips? It says “E911 fee.” What is this for? We are already taxed to death. All we do is pay some kind of new tax. Shame on the government and Congress and the president. They don’t care because they already make tons of money.

Brazilian jazz is so soothing.

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