Opinion Line Extra (April 28)

04/28/2013 12:00 AM

04/26/2013 7:26 PM

The shoe bomber’s father warned that he was becoming radicalized. Then we just got lucky. We were warned by Russia about one of the alleged Boston bombers. Federal agencies failed. Maybe if they spent more time on investigatory training and less on sensitivity training and other meaningless drivel, they could solve these ahead of time.

If bombs are outlawed, only outlaws will have bombs. Don’t we need good guys with bombs to stop the bad guys with bombs?

NRA power over Congress does not come from its donations to politicians’ re-election campaigns. NRA power comes from its millions and millions of members, who joined the NRA solely because they agree with the NRA and vote their beliefs.

I am a well-educated and devout Christian who holds conservative ideas and values. I am not a “religious radical right-winger.”

I can’t believe the apparent increase in the number of thefts of all kinds. Don’t the people committing these crimes know that Obama and the Democrats keep saying everything is getting better?

What’s with all the vitriol spewed at Obama by Republicans? Obama is more Republican than Democrat. There has to be another reason. Let me see….

As reported, a majority of Kansans do not support Gov. Sam Brownback’s policies and the Kansas congressional delegation does not represent the people living in Kansas. Then why do we, the Kansas voters, keep electing them?

Is having the wife of a U.S. senator as a member of the Kansas Board of Regents like having a fox in the henhouse?

Looking at Denver, one would think a bone could be tossed at Kansas in the way of medicinal purposes. However, it continues to feel like we are more likely to enforce the Weed Patriot Act or something.

My husband and I were very disappointed to drive up to the “Renaissance fair” last weekend and find a small, tightly packed tent city in the park. The ones we had attended were very spread out, with people in costumes everywhere and a large area for the jousting. We drove on by and went home.

To conserve water, don’t water your lawn or wash your car. But no one has ever mentioned that a personal shower should take no longer than five minutes. And a bath is out of the question.

Who hires these crazy school bus drivers? They whip out into traffic instead of waiting the three seconds it would take for traffic to clear. They turn into the far lane like crazy people. I am glad I don’t have any children riding school buses.

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