Opinion Line Extra (April 27)

04/27/2013 12:00 AM

04/26/2013 6:54 PM

The Wichita Public Library and USD 259 should consider swapping buildings. The library could use USD 259’s administration building and USD 259 could use the Central Library for administrators and technology programs. Regarding Southeast High: How many homeowners move because their home no longer is “up-to-date”?

The Kansas Star Casino was not built just for smokers. I’m not asking for a full ban, but it should at least provide one night per week for nonsmokers – either Friday or Saturday. The smokers can have all the rest.

I think that we should change the name of our country to the United States of the NRA. Since the NRA owns the Congress, we might as well put the NRA name on it.

Oops – somebody made a mistake. There were six letters to the editor Friday, and one of them didn’t even mention guns. Please be more careful hereafter.

For most people, Social Security and Medicare are the biggest assets they have. But the rich elites demanding benefit cuts don’t need them.

Why lay off our workers when we should cut foreign aid? We are giving hundreds of millions of dollars to people who are trying to kill us.

Members of Congress are holding secret meetings to try to exempt members and their staffs from Obamacare. Apparently they have finally read the bill and don’t like it.

Four presidents came together for President Bush’s library dedication. All of them gave Bush a glowing report on a job well done while he was in office. That’s strange, because Obama and Jimmy Carter have had nothing good to say about him. Obama has blamed him for everything bad since he was sworn in.

One thing for sure – Obama won’t need a presidential library. Neither he nor his followers can read.

I bet a big part of George W. Bush’s presidential library is the film of him reading books to little kids while New York City was attacked, with a stupid look on his face as seen on TV.

Here a fed. There a fed. Everywhere a fed, fed. Who do these feds think they are?

You might not have to wait at a red light so long if you would obey the speed limit, look beyond the front bumper of your vehicle and anticipate what is ahead of you. If you are in a hurry and can’t wait for a red light, leave sooner.

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