Opinion Line (April 29)

04/29/2013 12:00 AM

04/26/2013 5:17 PM

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The kids need shoes. The refrigerator is broken. The car needs new brakes. We are three months behind on the rent. I need dental work. My husband hasn’t paid child support in two years. I just got paid, and I’m going to the casino to win some money.

Parenting is not based on instinct. It’s gained from experience and knowledge. Everyone should have to take a parenting class in high school. It will prepare everyone for the day of parenthood and show how hard it is.

Why do the media feel the need to keep telling us the alleged bombers are Muslim? If they were Christians, would the media keep telling us that over and over?

I can’t believe that two murderous punks with evil motivations could still be treated better in the press than any Republican currently alive.

An emotional mother of two sons allegedly involved in killing and maiming the innocent spews anti-American hate. A woman, along with her undeserving family, received asylum, housing, education and monetary benefits from the country she hates. Does this scenario say anything to those in our populace, media and government?

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was listed in a government terrorist database, and he was unable to gain United States citizenship due to his activities but received welfare payments. He had money to travel to Russia for six months but qualified for welfare? Is our government that nice, or just stupid?

Conspiracy theories persist because they are like comic books – fun to read, but you know there is no Superman. It’s fantasy.

Congress didn’t vote the will of the people on gun control. It voted how the NRA wanted it to vote. You can bet Kansas voters won’t remember that at re-election.

State employees have to take mandatory “safety training” each year. Wouldn’t it be easier if they could just carry a gun and skip the training?

It’s a shame that so many fast-food restaurants are adding numerous new items to their menus and, in the process, losing the integrity of their original products.

Leonard Pitts Jr. had it wrong (April 22 Opinion). Rand Paul is a true supporter of civil rights, not of pandering and reparations. Because people honestly support equality, but not freebies for the uninspired, they are excoriated by the blinder-wearing progressives dedicated to an agenda that ultimately is counterproductive.

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