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04/27/2013 12:00 AM

04/26/2013 5:10 PM

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The next time I have the chance to tell people about Wichita, I may mention the Shockers. But I know I will mention the cars that pulled over, the people who stopped and stood in reverence, and the young people who politely called out “sorry for your loss” as our funeral procession passed.

When a customer walks into a retail store and pays for something with food stamps, Social Security or other government funds, the Republican businessman grabs that money, stuffs it in his pocket, and goes right on whining that federal spending should be cut.

Now we find out the alleged Boston bombers had been on welfare. What’s wrong with this country? No one should be able to come here and get welfare. We have enough deadbeats here already. If you don’t have anything to offer the United States by coming here, we don’t want you.

The problem isn’t just illegal immigration. It’s legal immigration, too, as demonstrated in the recent Boston bombing.

I hope most of us did not elect Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran to cause governmental gridlock, but it appears they think that is their mission. Both could learn a lot from Bob Dole.

Yes, Dole was able to compromise and get things done. However, in those days he was dealing with rational Democrats.

If gun hoarders believe the majority of Americans who want commonsense gun-control laws are wackos, what do you call those who stockpile weapons of warfare in fear of some big, bad, nonexistent governmental bogeyman? Maybe in need of a sanity check.

Be honest, guys. It’s not about the Second Amendment or protecting your family and property. You really want that gun because it makes you feel macho. The gun owner needs to go the way of the Marlboro Man. We need to change the American culture.

How many 6-year-olds do we sacrifice on the altar of your misguided opinion that we should not allow guns in schools to protect our children from insane criminals?

Maybe the lawmakers should ask Koch Industries if it would be willing to purchase the equipment necessary to make streaming video available from the Statehouse.

Midwest in the middle of enduring drought. Midwest fights rising floodwaters. Wait. What?

Ladies, if your man does not open the door for you, or if your man opens the door and walks through ahead of you, time to find a new man.

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