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April 26, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (April 26)

So how is our drought situation looking?

So how is our drought situation looking?

Why don’t conservatives want to conserve the environment?

Sedgwick County had less than a 7 percent turnout for the recent general election. How does any legislator know what the will of the people is? Opinion polls can be slanted and less than representative. We don’t always make it easy for our representatives to know how we think.

Gov. Sam Brownback has asserted his ownership of women’s bodies.

If more people educated themselves, fewer people would have extreme views. I think the U.S. is fortunate that Kansas has so few congressional seats and electoral votes.

One of the Boston bombers was drawing welfare and drawing up the bomb plot at the same time. I am thinking it is time to thin out who draws welfare. Bombers are off the list.

We taxpayers funded the Boston bombers’ welfare checks. This administration wants us to believe they were “lone wolves” and there was no conspiracy. It stretches the limits of credibility to believe they could have paid for a six-month trip to Russia or their evil endeavors without outside funding.

It took less time to find the Boston bombers than it does to find a kernel of truth in a Cal Thomas column.

Margaret Thatcher’s funeral was two days after the Boston bombings. If President Obama had gone, you would have said he shouldn’t have left the country so soon after a terrorist attack. It would have been wrong for any president to have left at that time.

Our “brilliant” president says nothing about the wildly crazy jihadists, but waxes negative about honest, hardworking people of faith. Thankfully, I did not vote for this charlatan.

How many air traffic controllers would not have to be furloughed if Obama would quit wasting millions of dollars of tax money by flying around in Air Force One unnecessarily?

Where on Earth is this silly paranoia about the government taking away our precious guns coming from? Gun people need to stop letting groups like the NRA and those with anti-government militia mentality play them for fools.

As a believer in nonviolence, I have attempted to get a concealed-carry permit for my brass knuckles. No luck. Any suggestions?

Those who think this country is a democracy should go back to school. We are a republic. If it were a true democracy, the majority would rule. Unfortunately, the minority seem to rule the majority. Example: Amnesty is being shoved down our throats when the majority of people do not want it.

Most regimes are little more than organized criminal enterprises.

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