Opinion Line Extra (April 25)

04/25/2013 12:00 AM

04/24/2013 5:41 PM

I lived in China, where there are no guns. There is no gun violence there.

Ironic how the Boston tragedy was blamed on people and not inanimate objects (bombs), but the Newtown tragedy was blamed on inanimate objects (guns) and not people.

I bet all those Republican gun zealots in Boston were wishing there were sufficient gun laws that would have stopped the Tsarnaev brothers from getting those guns they were using to shoot up neighborhoods.

If I had a kid who murdered and caused mass carnage, I would turn him over and testify against him if need be. I do not understand the parents of criminals not facing up and doing what is right.

The Opinion Line contributor who mentioned “appropriate treatment of the mentally ill” by Congress should consider that Congress, along with the executive and judicial branches of the federal government, may contain a lot of people who need appropriate treatment for mental illness.

Al Gore won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for publicizing the bogus global warming emergency. Barack Obama won it in 2009 for his bogus “potential” to strengthen global diplomacy and cooperation. It should be called the Nobel Bogus Prediction Prize.

I hope Al Gore and all the global warming advocates covered their gardens like I did. What part of 35 degrees of “below normal” don’t they understand?

A recent Heritage Foundation study concluded that future costs for illegal immigrants will reach half a trillion dollars. When “compassionate” politicians promise immigrants a “path to citizenship,” you can be sure they are attracting even more illegals to slip into our country.

You liberal haters of Gov. Sam Brownback now know how most people feel about your president. I hope Brownback gets under your skin and twists and turns so much it drives you crazy.

A local state senator wants to use the unproven savings of the merger of the Kansas Turnpike Authority and Transportation Department to fund education cuts. It appears that he believes in fairy tales.

If so many of these local private projects are so wanted, so necessary, so wonderful, why do they need to go to government with their hands out? Shouldn’t they be able to make it happen without putting their hands in the taxpayers’ pockets?

When I Googled “Gosnell,” I got nearly 50,000 results, including stories from ABC and USA Today. I thought the “mainstream” media weren’t covering the story.

Very often after reading the Opinion Line, I start to wonder how we have cultivated such a narrow-minded, hateful group of citizens in Kansas.

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