Opinion Line (April 25)

04/25/2013 12:00 AM

04/24/2013 5:40 PM

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Have you noticed that if you openly criticize Mayor Carl Brewer at a Wichita City Council meeting, you need to hang on tight to the lectern as he is going to get angry and chew you out?

OK, Mr. Mayor. When you are the news and not helping make news, and not answering the TV news people, it’s time you turned in your resignation.

KanCare savings? Hah. Reducing needed services that work, changing prescriptions without notice, failing to pay providers on time or at all, denying vital services – this does not really save money, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer. It hurts disabled citizens trying to live.

I remember when Bob Dole was the leader of the Republican Party. He compromised and negotiated and got laws passed. Now he couldn’t win a Republican primary in his home state of Kansas.

How many 6-year-olds do we sacrifice on the altar of your paranoia that someone is going to confiscate your guns?

The solution to bombings such as those in Boston is to have more bombs. That’s the “reasoning” that the NRA uses to deal with gun violence.

Now I know how the Department of Homeland Security is going to control cities – by making people stay in their houses without declaring martial law and by searching homes without a warrant.

Can’t President Obama stop the “gun violence” and bombings by writing an executive order, as he does with everything else?

Immigration done correctly strengthens our country, but if done incorrectly will destroy it.

Regarding Obama’s snubbing of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral: In the event of Nelson Mandela’s passing during Obama’s remaining term, I predict that he and his entourage will take off like a covey of quail for South Africa. I still can’t believe we re-elected this guy.

How is it that when bombs go off in a crowd it is just “self-radicalized jihadists,” but when an abortion doctor is killed everyone against abortion is part of a conspiracy?

Earth Day is every day.

How windy is it in southwest Kansas? You should hold your mouth shut to keep the other end from whistling.

Had I walked into a restroom and found a tiger in there, I would have no longer needed a restroom, just a change of clothes.

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