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04/23/2013 12:00 AM

04/22/2013 6:16 PM

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Is there any truth to the rumor that out of five remaining moderates in Kansas, three are in hiding and two will be part of a special exhibit at the Sedgwick County Zoo during the month of May?

I read the article about former Sen. Bob Dole in the Sunday Eagle and was very pleased and proud. Kansas and the United States need more people like Dole.

Dole is wrong. “Compromise” is a bad word if it means compromising your principles, which moderate Republicans will do. That is why they are moderates.

It is ironic that terrorists want to destroy our country but when they try, they bring us closer together.

“Boston Strong” – give me a break. Do they really think their resolve is stronger than that of any other community after some sort of major tragedy, whether from natural causes or man-made? No. Put it to bed already and move on.

The terrorist hunt in Boston was overkill.

I wonder if all of those anti-gun liberals who live in Watertown, Mass., were wishing they had a gun in the house when that terrorist was running through their neighborhood.

So NBC won’t air an episode of “Hannibal” because of the violence in light of the Boston bombing. Why is NBC airing “Hannibal” at all?

It has become obvious that the objects that require background checks and registration are backpacks. They conceal all types of weapons and explosives. Without them, killers and terrorists would be severely at a disadvantage. Wake up, America.

I never hear gun control and the appropriate treatment of the mentally ill mentioned in the same sentence in Congress. Why?

The vote against gun control was not a vote against the Newtown, Conn., parents or any other group. The parents of Newtown were just a convenient tool for those on the left to use to further their agenda, which has been ongoing for decades.

It’s true that increasing background checks won’t stop future massacres. But laws are meant to reduce, not eliminate, crimes. A law against car theft doesn’t stop it from happening.

On Sunday I had a shopping cart that kept pulling to the right. It must be a Republican.

Stellar performance from the Zac Brown Band at Intrust Bank Arena on Saturday. Too bad the drunken chicks in Row H stood the whole time, blocking my view.

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