Opinion Line Extra (April 20)

04/20/2013 12:00 AM

04/19/2013 8:22 PM

No politician should comment on a tragedy until at least 24 hours have elapsed. Then again, politicians are always seeking publicity.

I have lost count now. Does anyone know how many birthdays the Carr brothers have had since they were sentenced to death for their heinous actions?

Kansas needs to catch up with the rest of the country and reform our marijuana laws. I’m tired of my tax dollars paying for otherwise innocent pot smokers to sit in jail all day.

There’s no shortage of anything. There’s just an imbalance.

Awesome day in Washington when another unconstitutional gun law is defeated. Well done.

I am so disgusted with Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran. As a registered voting Republican, I will remember their favorite word when they come up for re-election: “no.” They have been bought out by lobbyists, big corporations and the NRA and the Second Amendment paranoia.

I am enraged at Moran’s and Roberts’ callous vote against gun-purchase background checks. Even 80 percent of NRA members support these checks. Moran and Roberts once again have voted against the public interest.

Ashamed, disappointed, disgusted, saddened. What other words come to mind for the unbelievable voting of our elected officials on the gun-control legislation? Who do they think elected them, and whom are they really representing? I can’t wait for the next election.

Sixteen GOP senators voted not to filibuster a gun-control bill they hadn’t even read. The bill would unconstitutionally amend the Second Amendment. These spineless, unprincipled senators need to be removed from office.

I just changed my voter registration to “no affiliation,” and I encourage others to do the same. Let Congress know we want progress.

I wonder if the news that the U.S. economy is slowing will get our government to take action on the sequester cuts. This was inevitable. Were it not for the federal government pumping money into the economy for the past several years, our recession would have been much worse.

It is not the government’s job to feed the poor. It is our job.

You can bet your political contribution to the Kansas Republican Party that the poor are going to get hurt by the governor’s so-called tax reform.

I will never have an oil change done at a business that has its employee stand out in all types of weather with a sign advertising an oil change. How disrespectful of the employee.

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