Opinion Line Extra (April 21)

04/21/2013 12:00 AM

04/19/2013 8:21 PM

Having to wait 70 seconds on a red light in Wichita just adds to the ozone problem.

Great team banquet at Koch Arena. Thank you to the Shockers men’s basketball team on the great season. The season was unforgettable and the best all time. I’m looking forward to Gregg Marshall and team winning the championship next season. Go, Shockers.

Not surprisingly, the Republican masses are saying President Obama isn’t paying his share of taxes by only paying 18 percent. However, Republicans are the ones stopping him from raising the tax rate on the wealthy. Go figure.

Kelly Arnold’s “Brownback, GOP put Kansas back in game” (April 16 Opinion) compared Sam Brownback to Margaret Thatcher. Please – Sam Brownback is no Margaret Thatcher. She never took credit for programs her predecessor put in place, unlike the political pro-Brownback spin spewed out in the commentary.

I am a Republican, and regardless of what Kelly Arnold has to say about Brownback’s accomplishments, only with God’s help will Kansas survive Brownback’s mismanagement.

I don’t know what former state budget director Duane Goossen is worried about when he says the state will have a $1.2 billion deficit in 2014 (April 18 WE Blog excerpts). Doesn’t he know that the tax cuts will cause dynamic growth in the economy and all of these problems will then magically disappear?

Its radical right positions have made the Republican Party terminally ill. Now its senators have decided to hasten the party’s demise by having it commit political suicide by gun rights. Don’t they realize gun-control advocates are capable of launching primary challenges, the same as the NRA?

Shame, shame on our senators. It is disgraceful that they would vote against universal background checks for gun buyers. It is incomprehensible that they are puppets of the NRA and the GOP. Rational behavior has left the building.

Stop blaming Native American smoke signals for starting global warming and melting glaciers (April 18 Letters to the Editor). We all know that American bison flatulence was the real cause.

God bless The Eagle editorial staff. If they are willing to print an opinion so asinine it equates smoke signals from Native Americans with “a little smoke” from filthy power plants that any thinking person knows contributes to global warming, they truly are a fair-minded bunch.

The saddest thing about the simpleminded is that they are incapable of understanding they are just that.

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