Opinion Line (April 21)

04/21/2013 12:00 AM

04/19/2013 6:45 PM

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Had President Obama attended Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, his critics would be complaining just the same, but about the cost of the trip and the time spent away from Washington.

After Boston, ban immigration.

Has anyone noticed the irony that the latest terrorist attack on American soil happened in a state that has some of the nation’s strictest gun laws? While I am quite sure the anti-gunners are aware of this, I am equally certain they will not mention it.

Thank you, Congress, for standing up to this arrogant administration. Please make it a habit.

April 17 was one of the greatest days in American history. The honest gun owners of this country finally had their rights protected and honored by our government.

The NRA should change the slogan “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people” to “Guns don’t kill people; they just make it easier for people to kill people.”

I believe that a concealed-carry permit is redundant and unnecessary. If someone has passed a background check when he purchases a firearm, why should he have to pass another background check to carry it?

Kudos to Gov. Sam Brownback on two counts: coming to Wichita to acknowledge the success of the Shockers basketball team and signing a bill to nullify federal gun-control laws in Kansas. When you give up your liberty for security, you have neither.

The only way for average moderate people to get control of Kansas is for all Democrats and independents to register as Republicans and vote in the primaries.

Kansas public education must go forward at all levels, not backward as intended by Brownback and his Republican rubber stamp.

So the KU chancellor pleads poverty in an attempt to get more state support for the KU School of Medicine, but in the Sports section we have an article about plans to build an $18 million, 31,000-square-foot place at KU to house a couple of sheets of paper. Classic screwed-up priorities.

Weakness married laziness and their progeny was poverty. Ignorance married religion and their progeny was a theocentric Republican-controlled state Legislature.

The Eagle editorial board once again used fuzzy math to support its liberal leanings in “A state of takers” (April 19 Opinion). Take out Social Security and Medicare, which are both savings programs and not entitlements, and the amount of federal money going into Sumner County is quite small.

Mayor Carl Brewer got pretty mad when confronted about his Ambassador Hotel “good ol’ boy” wheeling and dealing. Better wait a while before asking him when we can harvest the fruits of his trip to Africa with that 10-member delegation, most of whom rode on the backs of taxpayers.

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