Opinion Line (April 20)

04/20/2013 12:00 AM

04/19/2013 6:10 PM

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Dear senators who voted against the expanded background checks for gun purchases: The NRA does not elect you. Yes, it gives you lots of money, but the voters put you in your job. I will never vote for you in the future.

Gun-rights supporters work and work to make guns legal to carry in more and more places. I wish they would work as hard to get illegal guns off the street.

Congress sounds like a Jerry Springer show.

I watched the president talk about the Senate not getting the votes for the bill to expand background checks, even though the majority of the country supports it. He looked upset. Now he knows how the majority felt when he shoved Obamacare down our throats.

Nice speech, Mr. President, for the three dead in Boston. What about the five dead in Benghazi? Oh, that’s right – we must move on to more important things.

I’m disappointed that three Sedgwick County commissioners agreed to the superfluous resolution on the Second Amendment. I think we’re more endangered by Topeka than by Washington, D.C.

To prove that there is no cronyism on the City Council, as the mayor claims, it should pass a “pay-to-play” law for Wichita.

Where was Americans for Prosperity and its concern about conflicts of interest arising from campaign contributions when Gov. Sam Brownback and the Republican Legislature were exempting the Kochs’ business entities from the Kansas income tax? Talk about “pay to play.”

Remember – the group is Americans for Prosperity , not democracy or equality. And whose prosperity is anybody’s guess.

We are in a drought. The city wants us to conserve water and may ban outdoor watering this summer. Yet apparently the city will have plenty of water to put out the fires started by fireworks July 4.

I would like to congratulate the city on the traffic lights’ timing. As long as I don’t speed and someone isn’t going too slowly in front of me, I rarely have to stop for a red light.

City of Wichita: I noticed Menards has driveway patch on sale. Would you mind picking up a few bags and fixing 45th Street North between Rock and Webb? Call me if you find my Volkswagen.

My cat is lazy, unproductive and begs for food. Will Kansas mandate that he be drug-tested?

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