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April 19, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (April 19)

This is the wettest drought I’ve ever been in.

This is the wettest drought I’ve ever been in.

I would like to see the record of how many drivers have been given a ticket for not using their wipers when it’s raining.

You don’t have to be crazy to be in the NRA. They just prefer it that way.

The left hopes every mass murderer and terrorist turns out to be a bigoted, right-wing, tea party- and NRA-affiliated white guy to further its gun control and racial politics. That’s the hope for the Boston Marathon bomber.

What a shame President Obama doesn’t get as mad when U.S. citizens are killed – whether in Libya, our military or in the country – as he got when the start of his agenda to suppress and then eliminate the Second Amendment failed a vote in Congress.

It’s a good thing that all the people of Massachusetts passed all those gun-control laws. Now no one can harm them.

Ninety percent of U.S. citizens want background checks for purchasers of weapons at gun shows. Yet even that weak measure was blocked by a few senators who are beholden to the gun lobby. And we call this a democracy? Are we serious?

So those heartless somebodies in Washington yet again strike down any commonsense approach to the carnage that is America on any given day. Only when lawmakers lose their grandchildren in a mass shooting will they wake up to the fact that indeed it is the guns that kill people.

If you have to have a license to drive a car, you should have to have a license to own a gun.

Before anyone should be able to purchase a pressure cooker, he should first undergo a background check. Doesn’t this make perfect sense?

May those who ignorantly oppose universal background checks and gun-safety laws never experience the brutality of gun violence themselves. By denying the right to a safer existence for the rest of us, they have unwittingly jeopardized themselves and their own families in favor of guns.

Gadzooks! Leonard Pitts wrote a column that wasn’t about race. What is this world coming to?

Did you ever notice that you can judge shoppers’ intelligence by how far they’re willing to run out into traffic just to return a shopping cart to the cart storage rack? The gang that collects carts at my local store is great.

Anymore, local TV news is just a rehash of national news. Whatever happened to investigative reporting about local government?

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