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April 19, 2013

Opinion Line (April 19)

After the bomb blast, everyone blames the bomber. But after the shooting, everyone blames the gun. What am I missing?

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After the bomb blast, everyone blames the bomber. But after the shooting, everyone blames the gun. What am I missing?

In typical classless Obama fashion, he didn’t attend the services of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher or send any elected official, despite the fact that it was the largest funeral for a prime minister since the passing of Winston Churchill.

I looked up the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary, and it showed a picture of a Republican farmer cashing his federal agriculture subsidy check while bad-mouthing the federal government.

I wish some interested agricultural corporation would designate a day for spring to commence in Kansas, then send a proposal to the Kansas Legislature so it can rubber-stamp it into law.

Thanks to Gov. Sam Brownback, now some recipients of welfare and unemployment benefits will be required to pass drug tests – the same tests the rest of us have to pass to earn the money to pay the taxes to fund welfare and unemployment. About time.

The new drug-screening law smells like institutionalized profiling to me. I hope the demographics of those being tested is a matter of public record.

For as much as our legislators talk about government intrusion and fiscal conservatism, they have no hesitancy in spending money we don’t have to drug-test people on “reasonable suspicion.” What does that mean? Somebody doesn’t like your looks? Oh, well, the courts can decide.

When George Tiller was murdered, the national media covered the trial. Now abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell is on trial for murder. There is so little coverage you would think it is a state secret. If it doesn’t fit their agenda, they won’t cover it.

So an Opinion Line contributor thinks Via Christi should pay taxes. Do you think Wichita needs a 100-bed mental health hospital or a regional burn center? Via Christi provides these services because the community needs them and they are part of Via Christi’s mission. It earns its tax-exempt status.

Good health is more valuable than money. How can so many people afford not to take care of their health?

Rock ’n’ roll is like Picasso or Van Gogh. Classical music is like Rembrandt or Monet. Country music is like paint by numbers: It’s sometimes pleasing when all the lines are covered up.

If this global warming lasts much longer, I’m going to have to call the furnace man.

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