Opinion Line Extra (April 18)

04/18/2013 12:00 AM

04/17/2013 6:45 PM

Keep talking, Mr. President. Every time you and Joe Biden open your mouths, gun sales skyrocket.

You liberal, pseudo-intellectual Democratic hypocrites who are using children’s deaths as reasons for gun control: You allow more unborn, defenseless children to be killed by abortions in a single day than will ever be killed by mentally ill individuals with assault rifles.

When we go to Afghanistan, we don’t think that our next step will be our last step. When you folks ran in the Boston Marathon, you weren’t supposed to think about your last step. We understand your anguish and pain. It’s in our heart and it’s in your hearts, too. We won’t forget you.

To the Boston bomber: You are a coward but you want credit for your dirty deed, so give us a hint who you are. You know you want to.

Is our government now going to require a background check to purchase a pressure cooker?

Ban backpacks and pressure cookers. They are killing people.

I wonder why President Obama, since he’s so fond of flying, didn’t attend Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Oh, that’s right – he’s not welcome in England.

Cal Thomas expressed disgust at the celebratory reaction of some on the left in Britain to the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Funny, I don’t recall a similar response from Thomas when some on the right in the U.S. held mock wakes and mock funerals to celebrate the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

The person who claims to pay 26 percent in federal income tax on $40,000 must have an idiot preparing the taxes. A single taxpayer using the standard deduction would pay $4,256 in taxes. That is only 10.6 percent, much less than Obama’s 18.4 percent.

It insulting and degrading to the victims of cruelty and violence from the Taliban to compare Republicans to them (the Taliban), as someone did in Opinion Line Extra. You won’t see a Republican climbing on a school bus and shooting a young girl in the head because she wanted to get an education.

It is obvious the inmates are running the asylum here in Kansas.

It is often said (including in the Opinion Line) that you can’t play a sad song on a banjo. Whatever you play on the banjo will sound sad if the banjo is not in tune and if the player has poor technique.

Thanks so much for the extra coverage of the WSU basketball team (80-plus pages) in its Final Four tournament run. I was running low on papers to line cages with.

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