Opinion Line (April 18)

04/18/2013 12:00 AM

04/17/2013 6:46 PM

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Instead of passing more emotionally satisfying, totally ineffective and damagingly unconstitutional anti-gun laws, why don’t we pass more emotionally satisfying, totally ineffective and completely harmless laws against violent crime? Such laws would have almost universal support and, unlike anti-gun laws, wouldn’t increase our national debt.

While the simpleminded are thinking about trying to get rid of guns, apparently others are thinking about knives and explosives. It doesn’t take much of an imagination or knowledge to come up with many other ways to kill people. The anti-gun nuts ignore the real problems and causes.

Which do you prefer: our government’s overreaction to the Newtown, Conn., shootings or our government’s overreaction to Sept. 11?

Time to ban pressure cookers and ball bearings.

Boston is my home city and I am mad as hell. You don’t do this to my home. You can’t keep a Yankee down.

It’s pretty sad to notice that our nation’s flag is more often at half mast than where it should be.

When you have 10 million-plus people here illegally and can’t find them, can’t check their ID, don’t know how they are supporting themselves and don’t prosecute them, and you give them citizenship if they avoid getting caught, is it any wonder there would be a few terrorists in the country?

You can’t have open borders and a welfare state.

Is it new policy at Americans for Prosperity to ask politicians it has supported to recuse themselves on issues of interest to AFP? A new age of disinterested generosity? Or rules to be followed by opponents only?

The Eagle editorial board is wrong to criticize Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax-reform efforts. How does tax reform that encourages job growth and makes our state more attractive for business hurt the poor? It sounds like the editorial board is championing those on entitlements who don’t really want to work anyway.

ALCO Stores are moving their Abilene headquarters to a Dallas suburb. I guess executives don’t recognize a good business climate when they see it. Thanks, governor.

Man hides in straw hut whilst another drives a flightless bird within range of a shotgun. Man slaughters flightless bird. Such manly virtues displayed therein.

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