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April 17, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (April 17)

Eventually, we’ll be hearing about overpaid burnouts in China.

Eventually, we’ll be hearing about overpaid burnouts in China.

The notion that banks are “too big to fail” is wrong. They have failed to assist the people who assisted them in their crises while still taking home large bonuses.

The only immigration reform that needs to happen is massive deportation. The U.S. economy would skyrocket.

Criminals do not follow the law, and that describes most Wichita drivers.

The president had about the same comments on the Boston disaster that he had about the ambassador being murdered – quick investigation and justice for those responsible. Barring another cover-up, does that mean something might happen about seven months from now?

When will the government seal this country’s borders? After Sept. 11 and now the Boston Marathon bombings, when will the American people demand it?

I’ll bet the perpetrator in Boston will turn out to be a young white male who lives with his mother, is socially frustrated and has a bedroom full of deadly weapons.

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a bomb is a good guy with a bomb. OK, I know that statement is stupid and offensive, but no less so than what Wayne LaPierre has said about guns.

To those who think they need to make jokes about arming or banning marathons: You’re not funny.

It appears to me that most men think their guns are an extension of their male organ. They are constantly shooting off one or the other, causing death or unwanted pregnancies. Perhaps we should regulate the use of both.

Tax Freedom Day, the date on which Americans will have earned enough money to pay this year’s tax obligations at the federal, state and local levels, will be Thursday. Irresponsible Republicans are bad, but big-spending Democrats are worse.

Many lawmakers make a career out of being in Congress and getting all the perks. There should be term limits, two terms at most, the same health insurance and no pension. They work few months and are well-paid.

Police officers are paid to enforce the law. That is why they are called law enforcement officers and not charity promoters. If you don’t want a traffic ticket, you should obey traffic laws.

Tiger Woods is old news. He was nowhere near the top of the leaderboard at the Masters, but we had to witness every shot he took. There are far more interesting stories.

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