Opinion Line Extra (April 16)

04/16/2013 12:00 AM

04/15/2013 5:47 PM

Start conserving now, Wichita. We have more residents than businesses that need water. Stop watering golf courses, public yards, etc. Sorry if you lose your business, but I would rather be able to flush my toilet than see green grass and pretty flowers. Reward those who conserve water.

Now Kansas is going to make miscarriage a crime by stating life begins at fertilization? Even the Taliban wasn’t this extreme.

Do we really need to spend a lot of time devising a plan for citizenship for millions of illegals? This should be the plan: Head south to Mexico, re-enter Mexico, and just like that you’re a citizen.

One of the reasons this country is so great is the Founding Fathers wrote a great Constitution. If gun-ban advocates want to force changes on us, there is an orderly way. They should propose changes to the Constitution. That’s the proper way. That’s the American way.

President Obama lamented that he is “constrained by a system that our founders put in place.” Three cheers for the Founding Fathers.

We were sleeping or simply naive to the warnings about Obama. His terrible legacy will be with our country for decades. Someday when political correctness has waned, we will be able to criticize his policies – policies that will make us a third-class country of ignorant lemmings.

Every politician should have term limits. If the president does, why not everybody else? Especially Congress; everything goes through it. With the Republicans gerrymandering the states, they could be in there forever and not get anything for the people who elected them.

Judging from a recent Boston Globe article, Rep. Tim Huelskamp and those who elected him are opposed to everything the federal government does – except, of course, farm subsidies and other farm-related programs. Then again, that’s the particular government teat to which they are attached.

Perhaps the answer that government is looking for should be what my mother used many times – no!

Greed is driving the human race to extinction.

Shame on The Eagle. More than 2,400 people gathered downtown for the Autism CARE Walk on April 6. And there was nothing in that Sunday Eagle about it. Nothing.

Since its entrance in the regents’ system, WSU has been the stepchild among the “big three.” What coach needs the millions they pay their coaches? I quit caring about KU years ago, win or lose. I rejoice in any win WSU gets.

See you later, Gregg Marshall. You won’t be around this hillbilly town another year. You got to hug Rick Pitino.

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