Opinion Line (April 16)

04/16/2013 12:00 AM

04/15/2013 5:46 PM

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An easy way to lower the ozone levels this summer would be to not allow fast-food restaurants to operate drive-through windows during the daytime hours, or at least outlaw the “happy hours” when drivers sit in line 15 minutes waiting for half-priced sodas.

The Wichita City Council should not hire a Topeka law firm to defend allegations of use of force by the Wichita Police Department. We have qualified local legal counsel to represent our local entity.

Incredible – Gov. Sam Brownback, in combatlike garb, on the front page, boasting that he killed a turkey. Obnoxious. Disgusting. And he “self-reported” the violation? He had witnesses, so that does not warrant an “honesty” claim.

Brownback’s promises to stimulate the Kansas economy by eliminating income taxes on the wealthy and increasing taxes on the poor are as fraudulent as the goat-gland operations performed by an earlier Kansas political operator, J.R. Brinkley. Yet our governor revels in his goat-gland tax plan while seeking re-election.

If you live in Kansas and don’t like that Kansas is politically conservative, pack your rags and hit the bricks. Failing states need you.

President Obama is very slick. He did a great job with the Medal of Honor ceremony for Father Emil Kapaun. It allowed him to be seen shaking hands and patting backs with the Catholics in the Kapaun entourage. Meanwhile, he continues to drive forward with his agenda that violates church principles.

Kapaun did not just die in a prisoner-of-war camp, as the media like to report. Tell the truth: He was murdered by the Chinese in a prisoner-of-war camp. Or is that not politically correct, since China is cool now?

Who says we can’t learn a thing or two from Washington? Wichita claims a Medal of Honor recipient (and saint?) and still mispronounced his name for more than 50 years.

Obama pays 18 percent in taxes for all of his $600,000-plus earnings, and I am retired and paid 26 percent tax on $40,000. So much for his fair share.

Kudos to Fernando Salazar, Travis Heying and Jaime Greene, who took some fantastic Shocker team pictures that were featured in the Sunday Eagle.

I saw a guy riding a horse while texting. For the horse’s sake, I hope he didn’t have a car charger.

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