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April 13, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (April 13)

We have enough impaired people running around without the addition of legalized marijuana.

We have enough impaired people running around without the addition of legalized marijuana.

I don’t think the country will get a response from the right-leaning, no-global-warming, befuddled congressmen until the water washes up under their feet. That probably would have to be in Florida or Connecticut.

Democrats frequently equate Viagra, birth control and abortion. Viagra treats a medical affliction. The other two either prevent or end pregnancy. Democrats believe all medical issues of the genitalia are equivalent and should be covered by insurance.

No, I was not present when the Bible was written, but Josephus and other early historians were and corroborate the facts of the Bible. Were you around when they were recording history? Fifty Nobel laureates believe in God.

The Thunderbirds and Blue Angels are grounded this year, but the party at the White House goes on?

You do not have to look to the economic and social failures in Europe. Look at Detroit – destroyed by 50 years of corrupt, fiscally and morally irresponsible leaders and populace. (All Democrats.) How has the “Great Society” of unthinking, unexamined liberal policies worked out? Eyes wide shut, perhaps, and minds as well.

It seems our politicians want to invade countries that are rumored to be a threat and have oil versus countries that are truly a threat and have no oil.

Rather than be insulted by the front-page coverage of the WSU basketball team, I was happy to see news of what young men should be doing – getting an education and playing a healthy sport, not being used as cannon fodder in an unwinnable war.

Whoever is in charge of hiring the Shocker basketball coaches has really done an outstanding job.

Please name something that Adam Lanza did at Sandy Hook Elementary School that isn’t already illegal.

Doesn’t this recent college stabbing incident make you think about how much worse the outcome could have been had this guy unleashed himself with a military-style weapon instead of a blade? If you can’t see that, then I don’t have much hope for even a modestly safer society.

Oh, great – two executives are retiring at Spirit AeroSystems at the tender ages of 57 and 62. I wonder how much of the company’s money they will be taking with them.

If AT&T is trying to recruit new customers, a terrible strategy is to tear up someone’s backyard installing new lines and fail to restore the yard to its previous condition for more than a month.

I saw robins clapping as they watched the ice fall from their trees Thursday.

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