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04/15/2013 12:00 AM

04/12/2013 6:29 PM

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The gleeful response to Margaret Thatcher’s death by some should lead to soul-searching. But maybe they have no souls. I do not feel you should celebrate anyone’s death.

The president said that if his budget is passed, jobs will be created right away – again on the backs of the wealthy. How much money does he think they have? We need a leader who treats everyone the same and doesn’t spend our money like it’s never ending.

How many times a week did you hear that President Bush was on Air Force One? How many times a week does President Obama get in that plane and fly all over the U.S. campaigning? This is an unneeded expense to taxpayers.

A true conservative knows that the Bible does not say the government should take care of the disabled and poor. Liberals want the government to do it because they don’t plan to get involved.

Kansas Republican legislators have lost their way. Every day they act more like the Taliban on women’s rights. It’s time for the women of Kansas to vote every one of them out of office.

I used to find the name of the book “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” insulting. Now, with our Legislature allowing switchblade knives, cutting any and all taxes on “businesspeople,” and increasing any and all taxes on poor working slobs, it is a saying that just about anyone can agree with.

Anyone who stops more than 5 feet behind the car ahead of him at a traffic light needs to learn how to drive. I’ll be the guy who is about 2 feet off your bumper.

While driving on K-96, I saw a large group picking up litter. The city needs to start an aggressive anti-littering campaign so that time, resources and money are not used picking up trash that is carelessly discarded.

I saved your life Friday morning. You were texting and I saw you. I didn’t go on green, and you blew right through your red light. You’re welcome.

Cellphones are a societal cancer. For every one instance of good they do, there are millions of times they do harm.

Coach Gregg Marshall, WSU staff and players. Thank you for igniting Wichita and Kansas with such a great season. You make us a proud community. Unfortunately, there are still bitter folks in this community. Please ignore them.

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