Opinion Line (April 13)

04/13/2013 12:00 AM

04/12/2013 5:40 PM

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I hope the jet stream is done dropping these cold bombs on us. T-shirt one day, parka and ski gloves the next. Bring on spring full time.

Message to Mother Nature: Bite me.

In our crazy world, up is down; good is bad. Right is wrong; wrong is right. Deficits are good; saving is bad. Personal responsibility is quaint; promiscuity is personal expression. Dark is light; light is dark. Is it any wonder that officials don’t know what a “jump ball” is?

That was quite a party at the White House the other night. I wonder how many Secret Service personnel were there and what it cost.

The new Social Security formula does not cut payments. It simply slows their growth. As a Democrat approaching retirement, I think that has to happen in a country that spends $3 on the elderly for every $1 it spends on the young, the people we will need to keep making those payments.

When do we cut off the “entitlements” to the governments that hate us? Take care of the Americans who built this country. We’re old. Bodies break down. Things happen. Where do these people in Washington get off saying we don’t deserve it?

Republicans are continually bad-mouthing the government (too big, interfering in our personal lives, etc.). So what is the first thing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell does when a recording of a campaign-strategy meeting is leaked? He calls in the FBI to investigate.

Illegal recordings during Watergate became the biggest scandal of the century. Now the Democrats are illegally recording meetings, and it’s the greatest thing that ever happened. The news media are hypocrites.

Gov. Sam Brownback and Sen. Pat Roberts don’t seem to mind federal waste when it’s money blown here in Kansas. More than $700 million on a “biosecurity lab”? Sure, we can’t live without that, can we? Where’s the bashing of Obama on this one? What phonies.

ALCO Stores and Layne Christensen Co. are both moving their headquarters and jobs from Kansas to Texas. That gives the true meaning to Brownback’s threat when he said, “Look out, Texas. Here comes Kansas.”

Based on the number of advertisements in The Eagle to buy junk vehicles, offering to pay up to $1,000, and signs placed on public and private property all over town, Wichita must be the junk-car capital of America.

When did sports commentators become more important than the sport? I mute the TV rather than listen to that drivel.

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