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04/09/2013 12:00 AM

04/08/2013 5:28 PM

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Congratulations to the Shockers on the excellent game they played against Louisville and the NCAA officials. I am sure they could have beaten either but, unfortunately, not both.

Picked to finish fourth in the Missouri Valley Conference? How about finishing fourth in the nation? Great job, Shockers.

After the WSU loss to Louisville, Twitter exploded in reference to the jump ball call that should not have been. I don’t think the NCAA wanted a non-marquee name like Wichita State in the championship game. Coach Gregg Marshall and the Shockers were the class of the tournament.

Play angry? How about play a full 40 minutes there, WSU?

How about that? The Shockers have finally upstaged the mighty Jayhawks.

Being a Wichita State alumnus, I disagree with the individuals who believe that we should play KSU and KU in basketball. I don’t think it would benefit us financially. I mean, what have they done recently?

I have been inspired by Gregg Marshall and this Shocker basketball team’s season and Fidelity Bank’s “Bravely Onward” campaign. They embody what this city is about.

Remember that Wichita State University exists to educate about 15,000 students, not only 12 people playing basketball.

Hey, media: WSU lost. Do we still have to hear about it for weeks and weeks?

It’s probably a good thing that the Shockers didn’t win the championship. If they had won, they would have been invited to meet President Obama at the White House – and we all know how Kansas would have felt about that.

Had enough government command-and-control economic planning? The first five-year plan hasn’t worked very well. Just wait until the next five-year plan begins in 2014 with the strangulation of our health care system.

The NRA has a stranglehold on our lawmakers. They fear if they support any reasonable and needed background checks, the NRA will hurt them politically. For the sake of our children and other victims, that must change.

I have a question for gun-control advocates: Which part of the First Amendment are you willing to give up?

Progressives assert that there are people who are not able to better themselves, so the rest of us must restrict ourselves to their lowest standard.

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