Opinion Line (April 7)

04/07/2013 12:00 AM

04/05/2013 6:35 PM

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How about having the businesses that benefit from Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cancellation post signs thanking him for his beneficence to them?

The majority of the citizens of Kansas would be in favor of continuing the higher sales tax if the state would join nearly every other state in eliminating sales tax on food and medicine.

Do the folks in Topeka have no shame? Now the Senate has voted to cut property taxes on new cars and make it up by raising it on old ones. People keep their old cars because they can’t afford to buy a new one, not because the tax is too high.

Thanks, Sen. Les Donovan. Your push to tax new cars less and old cars more made me see that on my $36,000 per year I need a new Peyton Manning Buick to replace my ’86 Olds so I can save money.

I can’t believe there are so many people who live in Kansas and hate Kansas at the same time. There are 50 states in the USA.

We can add Cypress to the growing list of European socialist basket cases. Yet liberals say Europe is the grand welfare state we should emulate. Why? Even Europe is quietly devolving its social-welfare programs.

How tragic it is that the world watches and does nothing while the annihilation of the people of Syria and the destruction of this ancient civilization continue.

I am beginning to believe that anyone wanting a political office isn’t qualified to have the office.

After I handed my photo ID to a poll worker on Tuesday, he covered it with a sheet of paper and asked me to recite my name and address. That crack piece of detective work should keep any first-graders from voting.

The city could fund the 13th Street project by handing out tickets to speeders in the construction zone on I-235. But I go there six to eight times a day and there are no police in sight.

Obamacare was hailed as a “deficit reducer,” as the savior for small business and as a job creator. And if you qualified for certain tax credits, it would wash and wax your car on non-Christian holy days.

More and more people are getting sucked into the food-stamp bubble. Once captive in the system, they risk perpetual dependency. Statistics show that under new liberal guidelines there are still millions of people eligible for the freebie, and our president is actively urging them to sign up quickly.

Mankind only has one natural predator – stupidity. The government needs to let it do its job. Do away with warning labels.

I saw antelope waiting at a ball diamond. The deer were a no-show.

Will it ever be possible to reproduce food with a 3-D printer?

You know something? You just can’t play a sad song on a banjo.

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