Opinion Line Extra (April 6)

04/06/2013 12:00 AM

04/05/2013 6:22 PM

Democrats cheer record-high stock prices and corporate profits, yet the economy plods along. They’re not astute enough to realize that the record profits came mostly from massive employee layoffs and the ensuing wage and benefit savings.

The EPA has recommended tighter auto-emissions standards that would increase the cost of gas and add approximately $130 to the price of a new vehicle. California already has similar rules and Californians pay $4.40 per gallon. We cannot afford this. We do not want this. We do not need this.

President Obama can keep the 5 percent of his salary he said he would give back if he would just go through the federal budget line by line for waste like he promised while campaigning. He seems to do much better at talking than doing.

Science can duplicate a beating heart. It cannot duplicate the human brain, and it is our brains that make us human, not fingers or toes or beating hearts.

The day you can prove that there is a supernatural god, which cannot ever be done, then we’ll consider using the ancient texts to run our lives, and the country.

Turns out there are four branches of government instead of three. The fourth branch is the news media, which have figured out they can control the outcomes of elections and are free to do what they want and unaccountable to anyone.

Gov. Sam Brownback may have stopped to give money to homeless individuals. But what he’d prefer to give them is a one-way bus ticket out of the state. It would solve a lot of his problems.

I purchased state of Kansas transportation bonds with the understanding that the funds would be used for road maintenance. Now it appears the money will be used to cover Brownback’s tax breaks for the wealthy.

If your children are listening to filth-laden, misogynistic or hate-filled music, you don’t “embrace it” as part of their independence. You explain to them why it’s wrong and forbid it in your home. That’s what responsible parents do. The irresponsible ones let their kids do whatever they like.

If Henry Levitt Arena could be replaced with Charles Koch Arena, how about replacing the name with “Gregg Marshall Field House”? Marshall’s efforts are worth a lot more than Koch’s tax-deductible $6 million.

The difference between Jayhawk fans and Lawrence and Shocker fans and Wichita is that KU fans and Lawrence know how to “truly” celebrate when our team makes the Final Four.

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