Opinion Line (April 6)

04/06/2013 12:00 AM

04/05/2013 5:13 PM

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WSU is a great team, but it would not be where it is without Gregg Marshall – not with any Bill Self or any other great coach. Marshall has accomplished something that perhaps no other coach could have accomplished.

One of the greatest benefits of WSU playing so deep in the NCAA Tournament is that millions of people will learn that the proper spelling of Wichita has nothing to do with flying a broom.

I am an avid KU fan, yet I cannot be happier for the Shockers. And I rooted for KSU in the Big Dance. Why must Shocker fans continue to spew hatred for the other schools in Kansas? Are you that deprived?

Obamacare is already beginning to fail from its own weight and weaknesses. Soon, our wonderful English language will have another pejorative ranking right up there with “Edsel” and “New Coke.”

Life as a conservative must be a miserable existence. They seem to live in fear of everything. Even with a gun in every pocket and one in each hand, they don’t feel safe. The government, gays, immigrants and, yes, even God strike fear in their hearts. So sad.

Progressives are bringing us gay marriage. We know that progressives never stop pushing their nontraditional agenda. So what is their “next”?

If you believe in creationism, why do you not believe that your god created people who have a different sexual preference from you?

One of the greatest management skills I learned many years ago applies perfectly to every senior-level person working for the U.S. government: Given an unlimited amount of budget and manpower, it takes no management talent to do anything.

I’d circulate a petition to get a gun-control measure put on the November ballot, but I’m afraid somebody would shoot me.

None of the gun law changes in Connecticut would have prevented any of the shootings. The only thing they did was take a step toward their ultimate goal of outlawing guns and, in the process, ignored the real problem – mental health.

Does anyone else get tired of not being able to get an answer over the phone? It’s always “come in,” “bring it in” or “make an appointment.” Can anyone give an answer or ballpark guess over the phone?

Please take a walk around your property and pick up any trash. When you are out taking a walk, take along a grocery bag and pick up any trash. If you don’t pick it up, who will? Many hands make light work.

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