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April 5, 2013

Opinion Line (April 5)

During my daily morning walk in the country, I swear the neighborhood rooster crowed, “Shocker-doodle-doo.”

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During my daily morning walk in the country, I swear the neighborhood rooster crowed, “Shocker-doodle-doo.”

I root for any Kansas team when WSU is not in the running. For once, WSU is in the spotlight. I hope Kansans, no matter where they live, back the Shockers. Send our energy to help shock Louisville.

Congratulations to coach Gregg Marshall and the WSU team on making the Final Four. However, until WSU has played in a strong conference and earned 24 consecutive appearances in the NCAA Tournament, WSU fans have not earned blustering rights. Enjoy the ride, be enthusiastic, but don’t be cocky.

Wichita State has proved it can play with the “big boys.” With WSU in the Final Four, a loss to the Shockers couldn’t hurt KU’s or K-State’s feelings as much as it might have in the past. Start playing the Shockers and let the revenue flow.

If the NRA believes all schools should have an armed guard, it should provide funding to do so. I am sure it has enough money left after buying Congress.

Gun-control laws make crime a safer occupation when victims are unarmed.

Children shot in school? Arm the teachers. Patrons shot in a movie theater? Arm the ticket taker. A doctor shot in church? Arm the preacher. Prison officials and prosecutors shot at home? They should live in bunkers with remote-controlled machine guns. Always more weapons.

I have noticed a lot of hype by the anti-gun folks regarding the large ammo magazines and wanting to ban them. Well, have you ever noticed our troops taping magazines together so they can reload faster? Good old furnace tape probably will be banned next.

Endorsements for candidates, whether for City Council or school board, should be based on interviewing all candidates. People need to read all current and relevant facts to be informed and to make a correct decision.

The airline charged my 104-pound wife an extra 50 bucks for her checked bag, which was 2 pounds over. Yet it gave a full pass to the 300-pound guy with 100 pounds of carry-on luggage. Let’s charge on total weight. Maybe then the obese will toe the dietary line.

My tabby cat never purrs except when she’s sprawled across the Eagle I’m trying to read. I wonder why that is.

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