Opinion Line (April 4)

04/04/2013 12:00 AM

04/03/2013 5:09 PM

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No ID problems at the polls. Everyone knew the law. Everyone knows ID is required for many everyday activities. Only people with fraudulent intentions do not have a valid ID (or claim they do not).

If you did not vote, do not complain. I cannot imagine not voting in elections that make or break your own district. Congratulations, WSU. If only we paid as much attention to our local government as to a basketball game.

I am rooting for the Shockers, but calling them the No. 1 basketball team in Kansas because of this year is like calling south-central Kansas a rain forest because it rained Tuesday.

Every business in Wichita should have “Go, Shockers” on its marquee. This is a very proud city. Thank you, WSU.

Delilah cut Samson’s hair and he lost all his strength. The barber cut Carl Hall’s hair and turned him into Superman. Go, Shocks.

I saw a local reporter attempt the “W” hand signal. Please stop doing this, folks. Do an Internet search for “Shocker hand signal” and get informed. It’s a crude sexual gesture. People are doing it on national TV. Embarrassing.

Did WSU use Channel 12’s Bruce Haertl as the model for WuShock? Has anyone else noticed the resemblance?

We made it through one more year. Baseball is back.

In the real world, we don’t incur obligations we can’t pay for or, worse, pass them down for others to pay. But our legislators live in a la-la land where the tax-cut fairy will leave all of the money underneath their pillows at night and everyone will be happy.

We’re so kid-friendly here in Kansas that the Legislature is doing all it can to force you to have one.

I care about women’s rights. I care more about babies’ rights. Women have “choices.” Babies have none.

Now that political correctness has indicated that a marriage should be between any consenting adults, can polygamy and commune group marriages be far behind? We can’t discriminate, so you won’t be able to stop the nonsense.

Old men start wars and young people die because of guns. Where’s the outrage about that?

Before traveling across the country to rally support for gun control again, Obama should have driven over to speak to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Reid knows he could lose control of the Senate by pushing gun control.

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