Opinion Line (April 3)

04/03/2013 12:00 AM

04/02/2013 5:55 PM

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Washington, D.C., has its cherry blossoms. Wichita has its crab apple and pear trees.

Shooting hoops with children at the White House Easter Egg Roll, President Obama sank just two of 22 shots. That is consistent with his scoring as president. But he sure talks a good game.

When will Obama start worrying about North Korea nuking us? After the bomb has been sent? He thought the terrorists could be won over, too, but that didn’t happen. Will he be in Las Vegas partying when the bomb hits? What’s his plan?

America had many fewer problems when we were mostly a conservative, self-reliant people.

Republican leaders: I have been a moderate Republican for 56 years. I am fed up with the Republican policy of giving tax handouts to big businesses at the expense of the U.S. economy and our jobs. It is anti-American. You are sending jobs out of the country. Please note: I vote.

If it is politically correct to compare our state to Texas, is it politically correct to compare our governor to the governor of Texas? Remember him? The one who was strong on ambition, weak in performance and out to lunch intellectually.

No true follower of Jesus Christ would ever support cutting taxes on the wealthiest of these and cutting programs for the least of these.

I was sad to see that our governor thinks marriage equality is a “settled” issue. It’s time for Kansans to speak up and say we won’t stand for discriminatory laws.

I’m a marriage counselor, and every time I hear the phrase “civil unions,” I just have to laugh.

Thank God that He didn’t make two Adams or two Eves. None of us would be here. End of argument.

My grandbaby is confused and has been chanting, “Rock, Shocks, Jayhawks, go, KSU.” I’m so proud of all of the Kansas basketball teams.

I think it is sad that 67 of 68 of the best college basketball teams in the nation will lose their final game of the season. Thanks, NCAA.

I’m surprised that the major tattoo-removal clinics haven’t bought advertising time on the NCAA Tournament. What are these kids who don’t get picked up by the NBA going to do? Yes, job interview expectations are lower now for many employers, but come on.

One undeniable blessing of spring – short shorts.

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