Opinion Line Extra (April 2)

04/02/2013 12:00 AM

04/01/2013 5:50 PM

Good luck, KU, on your trip to the Final Four tournament in Atlanta. Oh, that’s right – you’re not going.

Looks like Bill Self was right: KU does not have to worry about playing WSU. Hmmm.

OK, KU supporters, don’t give me any of your “shoulda-woulda-couldas.” One more time in my 70-plus years I’ve had to suffer through another drop-the-ball performance by the Jayhawks. Go, Shockers.

Bob Lutz’s column about fan etiquette (“Take the high road, Shocker fan,” April 1 Sports) forgot to mention one thing. This is something you should never say when talking to a KU player: “So, tell me, Perry, how is that choice of schools working out for you?”

Anyone who would complain to the police because their neighbors shot off fireworks to celebrate the Shockers making the Final Four for the first time in 48 years should just move back to Ohio and stay there.

Do you really think a team named the Devils would win on Easter?

If you think the recent NCAA coverage has been excessive: I attended Indiana University during the heyday of Bobby Knight. Believe me, the current coverage is nothing.

Maybe the Missouri Valley Conference isn’t so bad after all.

Did anyone else find it strange that no local TV station televised the celebration after the victory live? Could they not have a camera to show them cutting down the nets? Or is that another one of the many ridiculous NCAA rules?

WSU supporters spending all the money on tickets, travel and doodads had better enjoy it while they can. Because of politicians’ past, present and future dereliction of their responsibilities – and Obama’s and Democrats’ agenda to “redistribute resources” and Obamacare – you won’t have that money to spend in the future.

It’s happened in Europe, but President Obama refuses to learn. Governments there spent wildly. They encouraged a real-estate boom that eventually burst. They tried unsuccessfully to bail out big banks. Our leader should be reading the tea leaves, because it all could easily happen here.

There’s no denying that health care costs will continue to rise under Obamacare. They just won’t rise as fast. Those who want Obamacare repealed even before it’s enacted need their heads examined. But if they want the exam paid for, they’ll first have to prove their insanity isn’t a pre-existing condition.

Basically, “basically” is basically a very fine word. Like it’s like awesome, like basically so.

Yes, Virginia, there are words more annoying than “basically.” One of them only has four letters and starts with “f.”

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