Opinion Line (April 2)

04/02/2013 12:00 AM

04/01/2013 5:49 PM

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The entire nation is Shocked.

Who needs football at WSU when you have the No. 1 basketball team in the state of Kansas?

Some are K-State fans. Some are KU fans. But we are all WSU fans. It’s good to be a Shocker.

Well, Bill Self, what do you think of the WSU Shockers now? We hope you enjoy watching the Final Four, which includes WSU.

I like WSU’s attitude: “Play Angry.” I just hope Louisville doesn’t play angrier.

WSU: Please stop winning. You are making me look stupid. Signed, CBS Sports analyst.

Funny how TV will air a shooting a trillion times, but an athlete breaking his leg only twice. No sensationalism in a broken leg.

Why doesn’t the city of Wichita build its own reservoir on the Arkansas River? This would solve the water problem and give us a great recreational area for fishing, boating, picnicking and hiking. I understand the government has funds available for such projects.

To help fund the upgrading of Century II, why not sell the naming rights for it, similar to what Charles Koch did for Henry Levitt Arena? Century II is a lame name anyhow.

I hope the Wichita school board never wants the public to vote on a bond issue again. It would not get my “yes” vote, given how it’s changing the original bond issue plan for Southeast High School. No wonder education costs so much.

Genesis Health Clubs want to pay no property taxes because the YMCA pays none. Instead, the Y should pay taxes, as should Via Christi and every church day care. Any tax-exempt entity in direct competition with a taxable entity should be paying its fair share.

Proposing tax relief for fitness firms is the typical mindset of the Republicans – helping special-interest groups. How about some tax relief on our groceries to help the poor and middle class?

Don’t like the way Sam Brownback and the Republicans are running Kansas? I just heard that Minnesota welcomes people who want to pay high taxes and feel smug about it.

What this country needs is Kris Kobach for president, or at least governor.

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