Opinion Line Extra (April 1)

04/01/2013 12:00 AM

03/29/2013 7:15 PM

I finally figured out why Kansas sends two senators and four representatives to Washington. They need somebody to be on the wrong side of history on every major issue.

All politicians should be limited to two terms, one in office and the other in jail. Both Detroit and Chicago already do this.

White House tours were supposedly ended by sequestration budget cuts of a few million dollars. Yet Obama, the wizard of Washington, waved his magic wand and just gave $200 million to Jordan for Syrian refugee relief.

Moderate politicians in Washington have moderated this country to almost $17 trillion in debt and the brink of bankruptcy. Some strict conservative government is the only thing that can stop this runaway train we’re on. More moderate giveaway programs will not slow it at all.

With all the vacations that the Obamas have taken since taking office, all those who voted for him must feel really stupid about now.

I’m personally glad that President Obama takes Air Force One out as often as possible. It keeps him out of Washington, where all he does is drag this country down.

How did Sam Brownback get enough votes to become governor of Kansas? Kris Kobach should do an investigation.

When will the Kansas Legislature step up and do the job its members were elected by the people to do? Having AT&T write the consumer protection regulations for phone service is mind-boggling. Please remind me how it worked out for the fox to guard the henhouse.

Will someone please tell columnist Cal Thomas that his version of Chicken Little is wearing thin?

God is the one and only person who has the last say on gay marriage, and He will never OK that.

The persecution of Amanda Knox is one of the few times Italy hasn’t surrendered.

Too bad O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony couldn’t have been in Italy for their trials. At least the prosecutors would have retried them until they got the verdict they wanted.

Why is nothing said about secondhand smoke from “medical” marijuana?

Just when I think reality shows can’t get any more stupid, they do.

I really enjoy the animal characters in the comics, especially “The Other Coast” and “Mother Goose and Grimm.” The writers really understand house pets.

No college basketball player should be interviewed unless that player has taken Speech 101 in college. “You know, you know.”

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