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March 30, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (March 30)

Shockers: Great and convincing win Thursday night. The entire city is behind you, and we are all clicking our ruby red slippers.

Shockers: Great and convincing win Thursday night. The entire city is behind you, and we are all clicking our ruby red slippers.

No national media love for WSU. Unbelievable. I guess the Shockers will have to spank Ohio State.

Ron Baker’s face on Wednesday’s front page spoke volumes. He’s in seventh heaven right now.

Can someone please invent a device to mute only Bill Raftery during NCAA basketball games?

On the immigration debate, President Obama frequently calls for compromise. He uses the term “paths to citizenship,” which means to him that all 11 million illegal immigrants will be given citizenship, including the right to vote. That’s one-sided. That’s not our definition of compromise.

Think about gun control, and Benghazi goes away. Think about gay marriage, and Monsanto gets unlimited legal protection. This is an administration of confidence artists who know all about rube bait.

I find it hard to believe that there’s no fraud or waste in the departments or agencies our congressmen oversee. None of our congressmen has ever come back for re-election with an example of doing this job. They get paid well. It’s not too much to ask.

What’s going on with North Korea proves that if you go to war with a country, you don’t quit until you have completely defeated that country. A truce does not work. Quitting before the job is done does work.

Dennis Rodman for president.

As I remember, the wonderful Americans With Disabilities Act caused the citizens of Wichita to abandon the otherwise perfectly functional Kansas Coliseum. How is that for “pro-business” or even “pro-taxpayer”?

I cannot believe that the U.S. Postal Service would have the authority to stop mail because of an animal control problem. This postman is lucky to have a job, and the people in the neighborhood (March 29 Local & State) deserve to have their mail delivered, as it has been for decades.

Hey, rich people: Unless things get better for everyone, then it’s over for everyone.

Is it just my imagination, or has anyone else noticed Sam Brownback’s physical resemblance to the Grinch?

By announcing planned school closings over time, the school board has effectively divided the opposition.

People keep forgetting that money has no soul.

They say we might get snow next week. I also may have to mow next week. I never expect snow and to mow in the same week.

Weather report: Spring is here. Happy Easter. April fool!

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