Opinion Line (March 30)

03/30/2013 12:00 AM

03/29/2013 6:20 PM

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Great job, Shockers – a place in the Elite Eight and another undefeated football season.

Please – not everybody cares about basketball. Enough is enough. It’s worse than an election year.

Pretty interesting – right beside the sad report that more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese, and that the health industry has to adapt by manufacturing larger medical equipment (March 28 Business Today), was the “news” of a cupcake franchise coming.

If smokers like their cigarettes so much, why do they roll down their windows, hang their hand outside and flick ashes on the ground? Why don’t they roll up their windows so they can enjoy their smoke to the max? Smokers’ cars always have greasy, hazy windows.

If state-owned casinos serve food in their restaurants, shouldn’t they be subject to the same no-smoking requirements as all other food-service businesses?

Looks like I was wrong about the temporary sales tax and the honesty of our state government officials. Income tax going to zero is not the panacea Gov. Sam Brownback thinks it will be. Our state legislators have proved they can’t be trusted.

The Eagle should just make a stamp to put on each article about the Senate that says, “Sen. Pat Roberts and Sen. Jerry Moran voted ‘no.’” Roberts needs to retire and Moran has lost his moral capacity to think for himself.

I hope all of you angry people will tell us how to balance the budget without any spending cuts. The rich are sending their money overseas now. Don’t you reduce your spending if your money is low, or do you ask for more freebies from our government?

Don’t feel too sorry for Israel. We give it $3 billion every year just for its military. Personally, I wish we would keep this money at home, too. We need it to educate our kids.

Hanging a sign on a horse that says it’s a cow doesn’t make it a cow. Calling that horse a horse doesn’t make one bigoted. The same is true with marriage.

I feel so blessed that the government protects the wife and me from the dangers of gay marriage so we can safely go buy some assault weapons.

Surrounded by (in the photo op of the day) grieving mothers, President Obama tried to shame Congress into passing more gun-control laws. And considering what he has done to the presidency, he knows shame.

Our education needs reform, but teachers’ unions are a stumbling block to meaningful change. They say “it’s all for the children,” but unions work for their members, not for children.

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