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March 29, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (March 29)

I read where corporate profits reached record highs. It must be trickle-down time. Yippee.

I read where corporate profits reached record highs. It must be trickle-down time. Yippee.

I wonder what made Ashley Judd think she was qualified to be senator? Although she’s probably as qualified as Nancy Pelosi or any other Democrat.

President Obama’s war on women will only result in more female deaths if too-strict gun-control measures are implemented.

In the 1870s, cities started taking guns out of civilizations because they saw a problem with violence. Death rates went down. Now we say more guns make a safer world. Let’s look at history and say that again.

Prodded by tea partiers, Republicans at both the state and federal levels have a plan to reduce illegal immigration by cutting budgets to a point that the quality of life in the USA is so degraded no one would want to live here.

If the U.S. Supreme Court could convince the federal government to give the benefits, rights and protections provided on the basis of marital status between a man and woman under federal law to same-sex couples who have entered into civil unions, we believe same-sex couples would not have to use the word “marriage” ever again.

No matter how many laws are passed, homosexuality is still a sin and there is a judgment day.

Unless I missed a huge medical breakthrough, you don’t know a gay couple who are the joint biological parents of a child. Biological means caused by the blood of both parents equally.

The award for the best fiction book of all time should be for the Bible. Anyone who believes it is the word of God must have any awfully weak mind.

Basketball was once a noncontact sport. Dribbling was not only compulsory but often a real art, and taking three steps in for a layup or for that cheapest of shots, the slam dunk, was simply traveling.

As much coverage as WSU is getting from the media, you would swear it is the second coming of Jesus. I guess this old KU alum takes the Hawks for granted.

KU fans are irritating, not because they support a favorite team but because they think their team is above everyone else. Sound familiar, Obama supporters? Pompous attitudes get you nowhere. At least not with me.

George Carlin was a good comedian. He spoke the truth.

Save water. Take a shower together.

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