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March 28, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (March 28)

Rock chalk shock hawk! That could only be better if there were an “emawk” at the end.

Rock chalk shock hawk! That could only be better if there were an “emawk” at the end.

With all the excitement about the Shockers, it might be a good time to remind everyone that WSU’s colors are yellow and black, not black and gold. There is a difference.

Something is seriously wrong with our leadership when President Obama gives Egypt $250 million. This could have gone to our ally Israel. It could have gone to tax reduction, which would help get this country moving again. To give it to Egypt, not our friend, is an abomination.

The state of Michigan has taken over Detroit’s finances, because it would be poison for a local politician to do what needs to be done. Who is going to do that for the United States as we hurtle toward $20 trillion of debt?

For those who oppose abortion: There needs to be a box on your income-tax form that you can check so you can donate $1,000 a year to help raise all the unwanted children.

How quickly could we balance the state budget if we cut all the senators and House members, plus all their benefits? How quickly could we do that for the federal government?

It would appear that our legislators agree with the people that the convenience of the alcohol consumer does not trump public safety.

Isn’t it ironic that France is demonstrating against gay marriage and people in the USA are demonstrating for it?

When are you Bible beaters going to educate yourself on how much tax revenue casinos and racetracks generate? Let Phil Ruffin put in slot machines in his dog track and get out of the 1940s. Or maybe you would rather have your taxes increased to compensate for your backward thinking.

People like Roseanne Barr, Jimmy Carter and Sean Penn all mourned the loss of the great socialist leader Hugo Chavez. What they fail to realize is that if they lived under his control, they wouldn’t be able to shoot their mouths off. They’d be in prison.

I just watched the Sedgwick County Commission meeting with Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Cookie Monster and – oh, wait, maybe that was “Sesame Street.” Now I’m not sure. I can’t tell the difference.

To all TV stations: You have news, weather and sports. Please give the news and put the sports on the sports. Sports are not news.

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