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03/28/2013 12:00 AM

03/27/2013 5:06 PM

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It makes complete sense to be all conservative on the issues. This is what happens if you’re principled.

The argument that gay marriages cannot produce children is bogus. There’s nothing to stop perfectly fertile couples from artificial insemination to produce a child. Several gay people I know are proud biological parents.

Clarence Thomas – divorced from one wife, married to a second and publicly accused of sexual harassment in the workplace – might be the only justice who understands the illogical rationale of using traditional marriage as a reason to disallow gays from being legally married and thus treated equally under the Constitution.

There’s no such thing as “gay marriage.” Marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s stated in the Bible.

How is it that minority groups are able to hold the majority hostage with their agendas? May it never be.

What’s up with all of the haters of traditional marriage?

Do I favor civil unions? No, I believe any two people who love and respect each other should be given a right to marry.

You can’t give me a right. I have that right and our government is actively suppressing it. Equality now.

I’m gay and I don’t want to get married. So what if my friends are so in love? They don’t need a piece of paper, just acceptance. Remember: God is love to all.

Kudos to Jesse Thompson, who delivers The Wichita Eagle to my home every morning without fail.

Congratulations to all of you who have wonderful newspaper carriers. I never did receive my Sunday newspaper. However, The Eagle did extend my subscription.

As a KU graduate, I am sincerely happy for the recent Shocker basketball success. That said, all the KU negativity makes me want to cancel my annual donation to the Shocker athletic department. Be thankful for your own success as well as others’.

Did you hear about the new sports bar in Aggieville? The drinks are pretty good, but they make you leave after the first round.

Have you watched the women’s NCAA Tournament? There have been some exciting games. No, they can’t hang onto the rim like the guys can, but maybe that is why some of the shots they make are even more remarkable. I think the gals deserve more attention.

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