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March 26, 2013

Opinion Line (March 26)

The Shockers put the “gone” in Gonzaga. Congratulations on an outstanding game.

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The Shockers put the “gone” in Gonzaga. Congratulations on an outstanding game.

Tim Tebow on the front page. Really? Don’t let him steal the spotlight from our Shockers.

WuShock travels well.

I believe now you know why KU and KSU do not want to play WSU. They do not want anything to do with WSU. Go, Shocks.

I was sad when Roy Williams left for North Carolina. I thank him for continually reminding me I was wrong.

Wow – the city of Wichita wants its lowly citizens’ help in solving our serious water problems. I’m impressed.

I applied to put zoysia in my yard to hold down on my cost of watering. I was turned down by my homeowners’ association. I guess my watering once a week will now come into play. There might be a hint of green in the yard.

Why is it legal to carry a gun, yet you cannot legally buy, sell, carry or even own a switchblade?

It seems like Sen. Pat Roberts, Rep. Mike Pompeo and former Rep. Todd Tiahrt are taking credit for Father Emil Kapaun receiving the Medal of Honor (Feb. 23 Eagle). I disagree. He is receiving the award because of his courage and bravery in North Korea.

Almost daily President Obama takes Air Force One to campaign or play instead of staying in Washington, D.C., to solve the multitude of problems that plague this country. Also, blaming others for his mistakes is not a sign of a responsible leader.

Surely the oil company CEOs have their millions by now so gas prices can be lowered for us common folk.

All of the talk-show hosts on one Wichita radio station preach the same radical Libertarian Party platform from 9 a.m. to midnight Mondays through Fridays. Now it is terrorizing to read that the Koch brothers might be trying to buy all or part of the Tribune Co. media conglomerate.

I agreed with a complaint about the trash that kids leave in people’s yards. And what has the country come to in allowing men to wear their pants halfway to their knees? Even the salespeople who show cars cannot dress in good apparel. Why?

When I worked in a grocery store, I was trained never to mix food and chemicals in one bag. But that’s how my groceries are bagged.

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