Opinion Line Extra (March 25)

03/25/2013 12:00 AM

03/23/2013 7:20 PM

Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York City seems to have forgotten that America is the land of the free. He needs to move to Russia. He would fit right in with Vladimir Putin.

Maybe some abortions are “clearly justifiable,” but have 55 million of them over the years fit into this category?

So now this Republican “keep government out the people’s lives” Legislature wants to force women to have their rapists’ babies. In cases of incest, a girl will be forced to have her father’s or brother’s baby. Stop voting these people into office.

I’m fairly old now, and have a led a pleasant life, but to all you anti-abortion zealots out there: If I had been aborted my parents would have enjoyed a better life. I would have never known, nor my descendants. As far as all this “magical” pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die stuff: Forget it. It doesn’t exist.

To the person who said all those who play with their brackets at work should be fired: Does that mean we can start with President Obama?

Obama is the best president we have ever had. I have been listening to him, and he cares about people. I am sick of negative, mostly false remarks.

Whatever Mitt Romney has to say now is of no consequence. What he said during his presidential campaign was what mattered, and what sealed his fate. Thank God only the weak-minded were duped by the right-wing rhetoric.

Bureaucrats have been dragging their feet for four years “studying” the Keystone XL pipeline. Their slowdown is transparent because it will be endless. Only Obama and closed-minded environmentalists object to this pipeline. He’s sitting on something this nation needs.

Pro-gun control Democrats may think we have an “upper class” that deserves to be protected with guns while it’s OK if the “peons” get shot, but that goes against the core of what America is supposed to be.

Marriage is understood as of a man and a woman. The solution: a “pairage” for gay unions, with same benefits and responsibilities, a license and divorce. That way, we all understand what their status is.

World War III is inevitable.

Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman, should stop criticizing his own party. But Democrats tell me he’s doing just fine.

Cold and miserable though it has been, I am grateful to Wichita’s many garden gnomes for blessing us with some rain.

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