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March 24, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (March 24)

What are the Republicans smoking in Topeka? I thought hallucinogens were illegal.

What are the Republicans smoking in Topeka? I thought hallucinogens were illegal.

Not only does our governor wish to throw the poor, disabled and disadvantaged under the bus, but our secretary of state thinks they will self-deport.

The Legislature has proved once again that the pro-life followers don’t care about you at all once you are born.

It’s nice to know people finally are realizing that life begins nine months before their birthdays.

This society of no respect for human life belongs to the abortion industry. If society accepts killing someone in the womb, what is wrong with killing someone in a car or walking down the street, or breaking into their home? No respect for life.

I have watched our government and big business manage their budgets for years and have noticed they make terrible bankers. When it gets close to the fiscal year and a surplus exists, they have to spend it instead of save it or next year’s budget will get slashed.

Every time you turn around now, some government agency is announcing massive cuts. How did they operate under George Bush four years ago, when federal spending was $700 billion less per year? They are only cutting $85 billion now. That is truly puzzling.

The person to thank for your 401(k) doing so well is Ben Bernanke, not our president. It’s amazing how people don’t realize what’s really going on.

Quit your whining. We all do our brackets at work on lunch or breaks. Honest.

A coach like Bill Self brings in a lot of money for KU. That’s why he gets paid a lot of money. It’s that simple.

Despite the fact that nearly all of a college coach’s salary comes from boosters and supporters and not from taxes, people complain about excessive payment for such athletic activities but completely accept the fact that the Legislature is not interested in improving the academic side of schools by paying the teachers a decent salary.

Regarding “Calling all WSU fans to Salt Lake City” (March 22 Eagle): WSU did not get the luxury of going up the road, the way KU and KSU did. WSU went halfway across the country. Give us a break.

Someone mentioned how a Christmas tree became a Valentine tree, then an Easter tree. Great idea. I’m going to dig out my small tree and use it for decorations for all the seasons and holidays. Fourth of July will be great fun. Thanks for the creative idea.

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