Opinion Line (March 25)

03/25/2013 12:00 AM

03/23/2013 6:23 PM

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I saw the picture of a awful-looking house painted like a rainbow. Then I found out it is across from the Westboro Baptist Church. My, what a beautiful house it is.

I wish I had the money to buy a house in Topeka across the street from Westboro Baptist Church, so I could paint the siding in rainbow stripes, too. Well-played, Planting Peace.

I cannot imagine our country supporting abortion, gay “marriage” and every other sin on the block. Read the black book, folks. When sin becomes the accepted norm, the end is not far.

Why do we have a city manager if he is taking major city decisions directly to taxpayers for input? Something should have been done about water long before now. I am not opposed to “punitive” water rates, and homeowners should not have to plant fescue. Water is the new oil.

What about recycling our gray water? If you threw it out around your trees and shrubs, it would keep it from going to the sewer. Wichita needs to go green.

Without significant rainfall over an extended period of time, Wichita is in real danger of running out of water. Folks who are worried because their homeowners’ association requires them to water their lawns need a reality check.

I have an excellent idea to save money to help pay for the state income-tax cut: Eliminate Kris Kobach’s job. I can’t think of a single thing he has done that fits into his job description.

I love federal parks, state parks, city parks. They greatly add to the quality of life. I don’t mind paying user fees to support them. Stealing user fees from parks or highways is a break in faith with taxpayers who are willing to pay extra for things they care about.

Many Americans do not realize the U.S. economic system is a blend of both capitalism and socialism. Not all capitalism is good, and not all socialism is bad. Don’t confuse the economic system with the American political system, which is democratic.

Big-government types want to increase their controls over our every action. Gun limits are a perfect example. Those who want to take away our guns risk a historic rupture of this republic.

If our college basketball players are expected to speak to their public after a game, maybe some elocution lessons would be in order.

Shatter the insanity. Become one with nature.

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