Opinion Line (March 24)

03/24/2013 12:00 AM

03/23/2013 6:19 PM

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The liberals think the economy is doing well because of the stock market. Actually, the stock market is doing well because of circumstances that liberals decry – the shipping of jobs overseas and marketing overseas.

A principal in Massachusetts canceled Honors Night because it could devastate the students who don’t make it. Is our educator gene pool this shallow that we have people like this in charge? Our march toward educational mediocrity continues unabated.

Our state and federal lawmakers need to consider “WWND.” How I miss Sen. Nancy Kassebaum’s logic, compassion and wisdom.

Performance proves that government spending is “crowding out” private-sector investment. Gross domestic product growth is averaging less than 2 percent, and unemployment is still more than 7.5 percent. Government makes the same mistakes in almost every recession.

The people of Israel probably had never heard such a teller of tales, but now that our president has been over there they can say they have heard it all. I bet Israelis didn’t fall for the same nonsense as 51 percent of Americans.

I was surprised to learn that the U.S. Senate barbershop operates in the red. There isn’t any reason that taxpayers should subsidize haircuts for legislators. The shop must operate in the black. Contact our senators now.

The ostrich would be a better choice for Kansas state bird than the meadowlark. When it comes to adopting inevitable and reasonable positions on liquor sales, legalized marijuana and so many other issues, Kansas has its head buried so deeply that you can barely see its tail feathers.

Why is the Republicans’ answer to everything tax cuts? They passed tax cuts last year. Then after they created a shortfall, their answer is more tax cuts. And this hurts only the middle class and the poor.

Giving new homeowners several-year exemptions from their property taxes reeks. In some manner or another, existing homeowners will have to pick up the slack, which means higher taxes for them.

Instead of proposing spending cuts that affect other people, let’s volunteer to give up something that affects us directly. The “not in my backyard” attitude is hypocritical at best. I’ll start: Since I am reasonably well-off and not a user of social welfare services, I am willing to pay more in taxes.

Welcome to Wichita. Be prepared to stop at a red light every block, with zero oncoming traffic. Wave goodbye to your fuel money and time.

Spring is back and with it come the loud, obnoxious, “please look at me because I’m so insecure” bikers. Grow up and shut up.

I’m having a piece of cake, bacon and a beer for breakfast. Why? Because I’m a grown flippin’ man, that’s why.

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