Opinion Line Extra (March 23)

03/23/2013 12:00 AM

03/22/2013 6:28 PM

The Republicans are trying to pass a law that requires doctors to lie to their patients. Is this what they call small government?

Pro-life people celebrate their birthday on the anniversary of the day of their birth, which is why it’s called a “birthday.” If it were celebrated nine months earlier, it would be called “conception day,” which would celebrate the moment a person was created.

So that we can read something that is interesting and intellectual in Opinion Line for a change, can we have a six-month moratorium from comments about politics, abortions and guns?

The Republicans want a different image. They could use a name change. How about the Grand Old Regressive Party?

The GOP looks in the mirror and likes what it sees, but voters don’t see the mirror image the GOP is so enamored with. Voters see the real GOP with its intolerance and even hatred of so many fellow human beings, and find it hideous and unbearable to look at.

I’ve been trying to spend my way into prosperity for years. Fail.

Those who have drive, ambition and talent draw a great deal of unjust criticism from the Obama administration. Socialism encourages and exploits damaging class warfare, and thus hurts us all. Our president should understand that his big-government policies divide rather than unite us.

The “Legalize Pot” van received a warm welcome and many requests for samples from adult attendees at the St. Patrick’s parade. The “Meth Mobile” and “Cocaine Corvette” were already being used, unfortunately, by the big pharmaceutical companies to distribute their products disguised as ADHD medication. Maybe next year.

I am a WSU alumni and I would love to see WSU play. I am not able to get off work, nor can I afford the plane tickets. I’ll support the team fanatically from home. I have the newspaper posters hanging in my house.

Only someone who is not a fan of WSU basketball and doesn’t attend the games would say that we don’t support our team and can’t fill Koch Arena. Not everyone has money to travel for the away games, but that doesn’t mean WSU isn’t supported.

Poor old Mizzou. No respect. No raison d’etre. Without KU it is, alas, nothing. So sorry.

Candice Glover should sing “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’,” because she’s walking all over the competition on “American Idol.” Let’s hope this is Nicki Minaj’s last year as judge.

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