Opinion Line (March 23)

03/22/2013 6:26 PM

03/22/2013 6:26 PM

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Still want to spend our taxes on reviving downtown? Imagine what it would be like if the Kansas Star Casino had been built where the arena is now located. As a group, we are very shortsighted and much too protective.

We can help out big companies, giving them tax breaks. Now the Sedgwick County Zoo needs more money, but we cannot afford to educate our children?

I am baffled by the push to allow teachers to carry guns in school. What kind of example is that for students? An adult could bring a gun to school, but a child who pointed a finger like a gun at someone could get suspended? Parents should fight this.

What about the secondhand exhaust coming out of car tailpipes? And you complain about secondhand cigarette smoke.

If we can build an oil pipeline from Canada to Texas, why can’t we build a pipeline from places like Fargo, N.D., that have too much water to places that don’t have enough? Plus, if it ruptures it will water the land, not contaminate it with filthy tar-sands oil.

Let us not begrudge the less fortunate the help they need. Don’t forget that most of us and our relatives were not born rich and have needed help at one time or another. We need to listen and heed these words, “Protect the poor and the Earth.”

The pope’s mission is to protect the poor and the Earth. Really? Show me in the Bible where it says either. It does say “blessed are the poor.” The mission of any Christian should be the salvation of others.

True world peace could be achieved if everyone would just eat a little chocolate each day.

My definition of our cultural breakdown is that everyone has to have two cars, three bathrooms and a cellphone in every hand. A lot of people haven’t figured out they just cannot afford these things.

Those who play with their basketball brackets at work should be fired on the spot, and those jobs given to those of us who need them and want to work.

Well-done, Shocks. Well-done. You are loved.

Now with Creighton leaving the Missouri Valley, Wichita State might want to move to another conference that has more strength than the MVC.

My Christmas tree became a Valentine tree and then an Easter tree, with a little change of color and ornaments. It will be down before April Fools’ Day, though.

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