Opinion Line (March 22)

03/22/2013 12:00 AM

03/21/2013 8:22 PM

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Is the economy good when we have to feed breakfast and lunch to more than 50 percent of children, young adults can’t get jobs and seniors can’t afford to retire? I know three people paying $1,000 a month for health insurance. Open your eyes.

You’ve got to love our legislators. Schools are dumbed down, services are cut for the poor, disabled and elderly. But as long as nobody can get an abortion and everybody can carry a gun, it’s all good.

I find it beyond ironic that the Republican Party thinks the government is too intrusive. How about starting with getting yourselves out of my bedroom and my reproductive decisions?

Why don’t pro-life people celebrate their birthday nine months early?

What Democrats have not understood for 59 years – a weak and cowardly regime endangers the whole world.

The recent TV interview of Mitt Romney sickened me, too. To think that arrogant, self-absorbed man could have become president instead of the compassionate, intelligent man who was re-elected.

If Romney could not beat a dumb socialist who catered to “no-information voters,” what does that say about him and those who voted for him?

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is printing $85 billion a month to pay our bills and prop up the economy. What do you suppose will happen to the stock market and the economy when that ends? Nothing good.

Starve the beast. Remove the money.

If I were a student, I would be offended that my school would rather pay a coach millions of dollars than lessen my tuition costs. I’m glad I attended a school that considered my education a greater concern than how well our basketball team was doing.

The Missouri Valley Conference should add Belmont, Oral Roberts and Saint Louis universities. Unless Tulsa wants back in for hoops only.

What part of “I put my winter clothes away last week” does winter not get? Go away.

I can’t believe how organized or forward-thinking some people apparently are. They’ve already put up their Christmas decorations.

At least once a week, someone submits something so dotty as to lead the late Jake Euker’s friends to believe that his parodies of Opinion Line are being channeled to the living.

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