Opinion Line Extra (March 21)

03/21/2013 12:00 AM

03/20/2013 6:12 PM

Corporations and special-interest groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council are ruining this country. Do some investigating and you will find out who is buying our legislators.

John Boehner had an epiphany after talking with Obama. There’s no immediate debt crisis and he loves the guy. Everyone will be happy until we realize we will all take it in the shorts with a huge tax increase. We have been sold out just like always by the Republican leadership.

Boehner said on Sunday he cannot imagine ever supporting gay marriage. I cannot imagine Boehner doing anything to help our country.

So now Hillary Clinton is for gay marriage after being against it for decades. They called Mitt Romney a flip-flopper. No, the flip-floppers are always on the left as they search for voters.

The Beatles were wrong when they said “money can’t by me love.” If you don’t believe that, ask Tiger Woods about it. Lindsey Vonn must have broken more than her leg in that skiing accident.

If politicians were serious about gun violence, any crime committed with a gun would draw a mandatory long prison sentence. Instead, they seek to penalize law-abiding citizens with gun-control measures that are in violation of the Second Amendment. History has shown the disastrous results of an unarmed population.

I was in a convenience store when I saw some guy in sweats with a pistol on his hip. I left without my change and called 911. The man answering the phone said it was perfectly legal. This is nuts. That guy had no more business carrying a gun than Bozo the Clown.

If women are going to be allowed in combat, when are they all going to be required to register with the Selective Service? If they want “equality,” that means being equal in everything. They can’t pick and choose what they want equality in.

With all of the Catholic Church’s millions of dollars in trappings and show, how can the pope seriously stand there and ask us to remember the poor?

You have to wonder if KU would be so successful without that perpetual Kansas City home court advantage.

If Gov. Sam Brownback wants to make a huge amount of money for Kansas, all he needs to do is enforce the gambling laws. Betting on the NCAA basketball tournament is illegal. Let’s see if Attorney General Derek Schmidt racks up a few million dollars from the office pools.

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