Opinion Line (March 21)

03/21/2013 12:00 AM

03/20/2013 6:11 PM

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The House speaker and president are both economic dimwits. John Boehner said our national debt won’t be a crisis for “a year or two years, three years, four years.” A debt situation that may blow up in a year is an emergency now.

When someone making $180,000 a year with an excellent health plan and other lucrative perks tells me I can live just great if my Social Security of $14,500 a year is reduced, I am in awe of the hypocrisy.

It is refreshing to watch the new pope. He is a genuine man of the people with a strong concern for our environment. Our people in positions of power here should take note of what a true leader looks and acts like.

Who are these folks around town holding up enormous “Shame on…” signs, and what do they intend to gain? I’ve seen them with identical signs except for the company name. Nobody is paying any attention to them, except to wonder why the heck anyone would do such a thing.

There must be something wrong with the speedometer on my new car. I keep driving the posted speed limit, and other vehicles go whizzing past as if I am standing still.

Burglaries and vandalism wouldn’t be on the rise if the sentences were stiff enough to keep the perpetrators in jail. If you get caught, you’re out in a few months doing it again. I have no problem with the police or homeowners shooting those doing the crime.

So typical for WSU – fans can’t even fill a 100-seat charter flight to support their team. They don’t even fill their small arena on a constant basis. Come on – it’s March Madness and your team doesn’t even go that often.

I feel so bad for the Jayhawks that they may have to leave their hometown to play their third game of the tournament. These poor things go through this every year. It’s sad.

The kids and I were excited to see the “Legalize Pot” float at the St. Patrick’s parade. I can’t wait for a “Meth Mobile” next year.

They’re back – pointy-toed shoes. Avoid them if you can. I know they are feminine and sexy, but they can also destroy your feet. The style will go out, but your feet will be with you for life. Take care of them.

Lindsey Vonn – no self-respect, or diamonds in her eyes?

If I were half the man my dog thinks I am, I would be Superman.

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