Opinion Line Extra (March 20)

03/20/2013 12:00 AM

03/19/2013 6:45 PM

I say that any politico who votes for any future deployment of our troops into harm’s way must have a son or daughter as part of the deployment. Just think how much money will be saved and, more important, the lives of our troops.

President Obama championed the absurd “sequester.” But when it was exposed as a poor joke, he tried to blame it on the GOP. We desperately need positive leadership from the White House, but we all know that if we give this president more money, he will immediately spend it.

Given all the dire warnings from President Obama on the sequester, I am truly shocked the sun actually came up the next day.

Only in Obama’s world are the spending cuts in the sequester the end of this country as we know it, while still allowing many millions of dollars to go to Egypt and Syria.

Obamacare’s supporters have heralded the Cuban nationalized health care system with great fanfare. It appears that Hugo Chavez became a disbeliever.

One reader suggested that if you lose your Vision card, you should be drug tested. If I lose my car keys, should I be drug tested?

If teachers performed topless and offered lap dances, do you suppose the Kansas Legislature would drop the bills that are trying to destroy the teachers’ union?

Our founding documents are the essence of the principles of conservatism. By maintaining these principles, judges are not activists.

My younger brother is serving a prison sentence for causing a fatal accident while driving under the influence. Is the convenience of buying alcohol at the QuikTrip more important than our safety?

If you can’t take the time or afford the cost of the gasoline to drive to a liquor store, then you can’t afford to be driving and most definitely can’t afford and shouldn’t be drinking.

Do not assume liberals are not Christian. It is your overconfident ignorance that we oppose.

The group should be called the “League of Liberal Women Voters.”

So the fearless leaders of Wichita are just now thinking about our water supply. How about checking our water bills, and letting those of us who have been conserving pay the same as we have the past two years while those who continued to water their perfect grass and wash their cars pay extra?

It is a time to implement term limits for every elected federal government position, with no exceptions. To whom do we turn to start work on the term-limit amendment to our Constitution?

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