Opinion Line (March 19)

03/18/2013 7:11 PM

03/18/2013 7:11 PM

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Jayhawks, Wildcats, Shockers. It’s sad and pathetic that your wardrobe, conversation, disposition and life revolve around a team you are not even a member of. The team wins and you get a new T-shirt. Big deal.

The Iowa State fans in our hotel in Kansas City were itching for the Jayhawks. They got their wish and got scratched.

When Bruce Weber was SIU’s coach, SIU always had the toughest defense. If he gets his players to do that at K-State, KU will still be the team that everyone wants to beat, but K-State will be the team that nobody wants to play.

Saturday’s front page was about the millions of dollars that college basketball coaches make. Sunday’s front page was about the millions of dollars in possible cuts to other college programs. Doesn’t anyone else see a problem with this?

While college coaches get paid millions, the rest of the faculty gets a tiny fraction of that to teach kids – who qualified to be there with their brains instead of their physical attributes – to learn to be successful, contributing members of society. We’re just like ancient Rome.

In my next life, I’m coming back as KU’s basketball coach. Figuring an average of eight rants per game for 31 games, and including bonuses, Bill Self is making more than $12,000 per rant. Heck, I do that for free now.

So City Manager Robert Layton plans to create an “office of community engagement” to help solve our water problems – more city employees. He won’t solve the water problems just on the backs of residential customers. It’s going to take serious planning for the future.

Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle is concerned about the lack of oversight the Legislature has over the Kansas Turnpike Authority. That probably explains why the KTA is operating in the black with a cash surplus. What other government entity can make that claim?

The first time my car is torn up on a poorly maintained state highway, I’m sending the car-repair bill directly to Gov. Sam Brownback.

Kansas Democrats want to blame the chief executive of Kansas about everything, but there are bigger problems at the federal level that they will never blame on the chief executive there. They’re not credible.

I consider being taxed as theft. If I want to make charitable donations, I’ll do so of my own accord.

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